Bringing knowledge and reliable information together in one location

This is the aim of your brand-new platform for commodities, Hedgepoint HUB.
Get the information you need to make the best risk management decisions by gaining access to training programs and reports created by professionals in the field.

Market Intelligence

This is the aim of your brand-new platform for commodities, Hedgepoint HUB.
Stay informed about the key movements in commodity markets with periodic and specialized analyses and reports. Developed for those who can't afford to miss any information, here you'll find fundamentals, sector evolution, and crucial insights to enhance your strategy


A solid risk management begins with knowledge in hedging, commodity markets, and fundamental tools for protection against volatility. Explore our courses from theory to application

What is the HUB?

The Hedgepoint HUB is your commodities-focused platform that combines financial education with in-depth research, and reports on the major issues affecting the agricultural and energy markets. To support your risk management strategy, all in one place.

  • For those who want to learn the commodities market and the hedging instruments and approaches, your trip begins with fundamental content and themes.
  • In such an uncertain environment, being aware of global movements is essential for seeing patterns and comprehending how commodities behave. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports that carefully examine these variables as a result.
  • Hearing from specialists who are involved in regular hedge operations in the commodities market makes your experience even more thorough. Having access to market calls gives you greater control and insight to guide your approach.


Specialized content

Materials developed by those who know and operate in the commodities market


Extensive coverage of markets, regions, and various commodities

Easy access

Everything in one place and accessible on different devices.

Market Intelligence

You will get access to more than 60 market reports and pieces of content as part of the HUB subscription, which offers in-depth coverage of agricultural and energy commodities like sugar and ethanol, grains and oilseeds, coffee, oil and derivatives, as well as macroeconomic studies. Here are the contents:
Market Updates
Information that is quick and simple to use, with updates on market data from more than 30 additional sources.
Examples include the performance of the world economy, positioning of money on stock exchanges, worldwide harvests, export volume, basis and spread monitoring, and much more.
Regular meetings with market experts
Live engagement with experts in each commodity who are actively involved in hedging and derivatives operations.
A place created only for you where you can learn more about global trends and talk about the key elements that influence different markets.
Market Analysis
In-depth content from Hedgepoint's team of experts. It discusses themes like geopolitical decisions, crop estimates, climate challenges, and opinions on market announcements from agencies like WASDE and USDA, among others, while also analyzing the fundamentals of supply and demand for commodities.
News, interviews, and articles with experts
You may follow the latest news on the commodities markets in addition to finding interviews, comments, guidelines, white papers, webinars, and other materials that cover all the important aspects of effective risk management in the agriculture and energy sectors.


For people who are engaged in the financial and agricultural markets or who want to gain a deeper understanding of these industries, the ACADEMY is your dedicated section for learning about commodities markets, hedging instruments, risk management, and other significant issues.
Hedging Fundamentals and Financial Tools
Courses focused on risk management tools for those who already trade or want to start trading agricultural derivatives on the world's major stock exchanges
Short courses
A quick, summarized format for those who want to delve deeper into a specific topic, such as the use of fundamental analysis, the concept of spread and basis and how to use them to make trading decisions.
Hedging Applied to Commodities
Content developed by industry experts, covering the best hedging strategies in markets such as Coffee, Grains, Sugar, and Oilseeds. Basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.
Complete learning journey, spanning from basic to intermediate and advanced levels within a topic. All designed for you to learn theory, fundamentals, and practice in a single course

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HUB Subscription

Start your journey now on our comprehensive learning track

  • Access to all the courses available in the Academy
  • Access to all our Market Intelligence reports
  • Support with online tutors and market experts to address question
  • Personalized training
  • Issuance of courses completion certificate

$1080 /  yearly

$ 1080 / yearly

Who is this subscription for?

The HUB subscription was developed for participants in the commodities market, traders, financial experts, and risk management enthusiasts who want to gain access to high-quality information on the agriculture and energy markets, updated content, as well as to advance their understanding of hedging and financial instruments.

Academy Courses

Start your journey now on our comprehensive learning track

  • Recorded and dynamic classes on derivatives, hedging, and commodity markets
  • Access to downloadable e-books in all course modules
  • Online tutor support to address questions
  • Issuance of courses completion certificate
Starting from

$49 / course

Who is this product for?

This offer is designed for people who wish to learn more about the financial and commodity markets, brush up on what they already know, and explore intermediate and advanced subjects that are essential for hedging and acquiring confidence and clarity in risk management tactics.

Hedgepoint Global Markets is a company specialized in risk management and protection against volatility in the global agricultural and energy commodities chain. Our work is focused on innovation, market intelligence, and accurate analysis, enabling us to operate on all five continents, connecting local sector needs to the global landscape. With a portfolio covering more than 60 commodities, we offer over 450 customized products that meet the specific needs of farmers, cooperatives, industries, and commodity traders worldwide. Additionally, we develop courses and educational materials to provide our clients with the necessary tools to manage risks and safeguard their operations against market volatility.