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Stay constantly informed about the dynamic commodity landscape, gaining valuable market insights. Discover opportunities and identify trends that can boost your business.

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01. Market Updates

Information that is quick and simple to use, with updates on market data from more than 30 additional sources. 

Examples include the performance of the world economy, positioning of money on stock exchanges, worldwide harvests, export volume, basis and spread monitoring, and much more.

02. Market Analysis

In-depth content from hEDGEpoint's team of experts.  It discusses themes like geopolitical decisions, crop estimates, climate challenges, and opinions on market announcements from agencies like WASDE and USDA, among others, while also analyzing the fundamentals of supply and demand for commodities.

03. Periodic meetings with market experts

Live engagement with experts in each commodity who are actively involved in hedging and derivatives operations.

A place created only for you where you can learn more about global trends and talk about the key elements that influence different markets.

04. News, Interviews and Articles with Experts

You may follow the latest news on the commodities markets in addition to finding interviews, comments, guidelines, white papers, webinars, and other materials that cover all the important aspects of effective risk management in the agriculture and energy sectors.

Who is the HUB subscription for?

Our subscription is perfect for farmers, traders, and commodities market enthusiasts who wish to closely monitor the market's dynamics and base their tactics on the knowledge of top authorities in the industry. Success comes from making wise decisions!

How it works?

Academy courses

The courses available at hEDGEpoint ACADEMY are designed to teach you the concepts you need to understand financial market mechanisms and derivatives and how to apply them to the commodities market of your choice. With the help of support materials and contextualized examples, you will feel more confident in creating your strategy to protect against price volatility and applying it to your business.

Market Intelligence Reports

Market Intelligence reports are periodic analyses carried out by commodity specialists with experience in the financial market. The material is constructed by cross-referencing more than 30 consolidated data sources on the international market, and taking into account political and macroeconomic scenarios to estimate price fluctuations and supply and demand in the medium and short term.


Specialized content

Materiais elaborados por quem conhece e atua no mercado de commodities.


Extensive coverage of markets, regions, and various commodities

Easy access

Everything in one place and accessible on different devices.

your HUB plan

The hub subscription is aimed at traders and risk management enthusiasts in the commodities market who want to enjoy up-to-date information and at the same time strengthen their knowledge of the financial market.

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