Commodities Tokens

Welcome to the Commodities Tokens Course, where we will embark on an exciting journey into the world of tokenization and its profound implications for the commodities industry. This six-module course is designed to unveil the secrets behind value creation, operational efficiency, and new fundraising opportunities that tokenization brings to this ever-evolving landscape.

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3 hours of duration
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What you will learn

Introduction to ESG and Value Creation in Commodities

In this course, we will start by understanding the ESG principles and their connection with commodities. We will analyze how companies are adopting sustainable practices to balance profit and environmental preservation. In the current module, we will see how the integration of ESG strategies benefits not only the planet but also companies and investors, illustrated by inspiring success stories.

Traceability and Blockchain in Commodities

In this segment, we will explore the exciting realm of blockchain technology. You will grasp the essential principles of this innovative technology and its application in commodities to enhance clarity and effectiveness. Traceability, crucial in a world concerned about resource origins, will be addressed. We will investigate how blockchain enables comprehensive monitoring of commodity stages, ensuring authenticity and compliance from production to consumptio

Tokenization of Commodities

In this central module of the course, we will address the tokenization of commodities. We will explore the conversion of real assets into digital tokens, simplifying trade and investment. We will examine real cases of tokenization in the commodities industry, providing insights to participate in this new trading and investment model, with greater accessibility and efficiency


Luana Helsinger

Expert in tokens
Luana Helsinger, a seasoned executive with 10+ years of diverse experience in U.S. and Latin American financial landscapes. Expertise in corporate development, investment banking, equity research, and blockchain-AI intersections. VP of Corporate Development at Qenta. MBA from UCLA Anderson, FGV-SP Master's, PUC-Rio Bachelor's.


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Commodities Tokens

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