Daily Pricing Structures

Welcome to Hedgepoint Academy's course on Daily Pricing Structures. In this course, we explore practical examples of structured operations in commodity markets, focusing on daily pricing strategies for both producers and consumers.

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What you will learn

Daily Pricing Structure for Producers:

Discover how producers use structured operations to navigate volatile markets. By employing strategies like the selling accumulator, producers can protect against price fluctuations while aiming to achieve optimal selling prices.

Daily Pricing Structure for Consumers:

Explore how consumers utilize structured operations to secure purchases at favorable prices. Learn how strategies like buying accumulators enable buyers to set maximum acceptable prices while capitalizing on market opportunities.


Chris Trant

Expert in trading
Chris started his career in the commodity industry as a college intern at Daniels Trading. After graduating from Miami University (OH) with a degree in International Business and History, he worked in various commercial roles with Bunge North America, Green Plains, and Informa / HIS Markit-S&P Global prior to hEDGEpoint. Chris lives and works in Chicago and enjoys geopolitical books, cooking Italian food, and running along the lakefront


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Daily Pricing Structures

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