Origins of Commodities "Over the Counter" Markets

Welcome to "Origins of Commodities OTC Markets." In this course, we embark on a journey through the historical roots and contemporary dynamics of Over-the-Counter (OTC) commodity trading. Join us as we explore the evolution of risk management practices, the emergence of OTC markets, and real-world examples of successful trading strategies.

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What you will learn

Origins of the Commodity Risk Management and Evolution of OTC Markets:

Discover the historical evolution of commodity risk management, from ancient Sumer to modern-day exchanges like the CME. Explore how risk transfer between hedgers and speculators has shaped the development of OTC markets, paving the way for innovative trading practices.

OTC Market Dynamics, Evolution, and Innovations:

Delve into the unique dynamics of the OTC market, characterized by decentralized trading and tailored agreements. Learn about the evolution of OTC trading, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and the involvement of financial institutions. Explore how innovations like electronic trading platforms and AI algorithms have transformed OTC trading practices.

Real-world Examples of Successful OTC Trading Strategies:

Explore practical applications of OTC trading through real-world case studies. From soybeans to petroleum, discover how traders strategically utilize derivatives to manage risk and capitalize on market opportunities. Gain insights into customized risk management strategies tailored to specific commodities and market conditions.


Renato Dias

Commercial Director at Hedgepoint
Renato Dias is an executive with over a decade of experience in commodity hedging. He is currently Commercial Director at Hedgepoint Global Markets. Previous positions include Director of Global Sales at Hedgepoint and Director of Business Development/OTC Structured Products at ED&F Man Capital Markets. Renato has extensive strategic experience, building the US sales desk at ED&F Man Capital Markets and overseeing operations in several countries including Singapore, Uruguay, and Switzerland. His academic background includes an MBA from Purdue University and a BA in Economics from the State University of Campinas.


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Origins of Commodities "Over the Counter" Markets

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